Children’s Literature's professional reviewers read and critically review thousands of books annually. Our mission is to help teachers, librarians, parents, and childcare providers make appropriate literary choices for children.

Founded in 1993 by librarian Marilyn Courtot, the review staff has grown to more than 125. Our reviewers include book authors, librarians, writers and editors, professors, teachers, children’s literature specialists, and physicians. We pride ourselves on being an independent review source that is not affiliated with any publisher.

In 2012 Emily Griffin assumed ownership of Children’s Literature and the company was sold in 2018 to Dr. Ajay Gupte, who also owns CLCD, LLC. CLCD (Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database) company was established in 1999 as a spin-off from Children’s Literature. It uses reviews from a variety of sources, including Children’s Literature, to provide an Internet based acquisition, research, and reference service. Its subscribers include schools, libraries, colleges, publishers, and booksellers. Please visit CLCD at www.clcd.com.

ChildrensLit has been a top 10 site on Google for over 15 years and is now being relaunched as platform to assist Authors establish an identity, Reviewers to signup as a Children's Literature book reviewer, Librarians to identify and locate services they need, and for Event Coordinators to identify authors for visits.