Our book reviewers read and critically review thousands of children’s books and young adult literature annually to help teachers, librarians, parents, and childcare providers make appropriate literary choices for children. Toddler books, chapter books, nonfiction juvenile books, and parent literature are just some of the examples of the books we review. Our reviewers include book authors, librarians, writers and editors, teachers, children’s literature specialists, and physicians. We are not affiliated with any publisher and accept no advertising.

  • Reviews cover books for and about children ages birth to 18
  • Fiction, nonfiction, audio/visual materials, activity and craft trade books
  • Professional development resources and parenting materials
  • School and library titles, with each book in a nonfiction series receiving its own specific review
  • Reviews are aimed at teachers, librarians, parents, and caretakers, helping them make the best selections for their audience
  • Over 130,000 reviews, dating back to the 1990s

Reviews are licensed to companies like CLCD, a subscription database tool used by schools, universities and libraries, ILS vendors and large publishers.
Is your company is interested in licensing reviews by Children’s Literature? Please contact us at info@childrenslit.com for more information.